Alcohol On Glen Park Hall Premises

Party alcohol liability or PAL Insurance is mandatory when consuming liquor at our facility.

1.       Q: What is a  PAL Insurance?

 A: Party Alcohol  Liability. This insurance  provides protection when  lawsuits are brought against individuals, organizations or companies who host  a single/multi-day functions with all alcohol service. This insurance is designed for event hosts who are holding reception type events in a  rented facility.  A valid    liquor permit or license and PAL must be in  place for service of all alcohol.

 All groups renting the hall who are serving liquor at their event will be required to provide proof of Comprehensive General Liability Insurance (PAL) with a limit of no less than one million dollars. Glen Park Community Association and Leduc County are to be named as "additional insured" under such policies. Satisfactory proof of insurance coverage  must be provided before access to the hall is permitted and the keys are released. This coverage is required by Leduc County and the Glen Park Community association and is available at most insurance agency's or online at

Alcohol consumption can only occur on the times stated on the appropriate liquor permit.


The license holder must purchase liquor for the event from any Alberta liquor retail store, general merchandise liquor store, or off-sale room. Receipts confirming the purchase of all liquor must be present at all events.


When selling alcohol you may set your own drink prices with a Private Resale Licence. Prices need to be posted and apply to individual drinks only. Price specials for multiple orders are not allowed. (eg. two drinks for the price of one)


Things To Be Aware Of

1.The license must be posted.

2.AGLC inspectors, police and Glen Park Hall directors must be allowed to enter your event at any time.

3.Homemade wine, beer, cider, or other liquor cannot be sold or served.

4.Bring your own bottle (BYOB) to events are prohibited.

5.Do not exceed the maximum occupancy  at your event.



AGLC Liquor License Information Package